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Birth To Three Annual Data

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  • Description
    Birth to Three reports the number of Connecticut Birth to Three System children, per child's interaction with the system, by Calendar and Fiscal Year.
  • Full Description

    Connecticut's Birth to Three System (B23) supports families with infants and toddlers that have developmental delays to learn new ways to make everyday activities enhance the child's development. Birth to Three is administered pursuant to Part C of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA). Once families with children below age 3 are referred, the child's development is evaluated for eligibility, and if eligible the family can receive supports until the child no longer has delays or until the child turns age 3. Because an infant can be referred within days of being born, a family may be enrolled for almost three full years.

    Annual data is a one-year snapshot, many towns will have more children served than were referred because they were referred in a previous calendar or fiscal year. Connecticut's Birth to Three System publishes data annually by the fiscal and calendar year and longitudinally by birth cohort. CTData carries both sets of data in 'Birth To Three Cohort Data'.

  • Source
    Connecticut Office of Early Childhood, accessed via
  • Suppression
    Towns with 5 or fewer referrals have been suppressed, as denoted with an asterisk (*). Towns with no referrals will display as zero to differentiate them from towns where data has been suppressed.