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Cost-burdened Households by County

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    Cost-burdened Households by County reports the number and percent of households that spend at least 30 percent of annual household income on housing costs, by householder status.
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    A household is cost-burdened if it spends 30 percent or more of annual household income on housing costs. Householder status subgroups are homeowners with a mortgage, renters and all householders; which includes both homeowners with a mortgage and renters. Housing costs for homeowners include utility, tax, mortgage, insurance, and related payments for the home. Renters' housing costs are gross rental and related payments. The American Community Survey (ACS) collects these data from a sample of households on a rolling monthly basis. ACS aggregates samples into one-, three-, or five-year periods. generally carries the five-year datasets, as they are considered to be the most accurate, especially for geographic areas that are the size of a county or smaller.
  • Source
    US Census
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