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DPH Annual Population Estimates by Town

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  • Description
    DPH Annual Population Estimates by Town reports population by Town, as estimated by the Connecticut Department of Public Health.
  • Full Description
    Estimates are presented as a number and as a percent of the state total population for a given year. These population estimates are considered 'post-censal' estimates as they are derived using the most recent census counts. Estimates for 1996-1999 are post-1990 census, 2000-2009 are post-2000 census, and 2010-2019 are post-2010 census. The Department of Public Health uses these census counts as a basis for these estimates, and adjusts according to many factors, including natural increase in population (births minus deaths), changes in housing statistics, motor vehicle and voter registration data, and certain elementary school enrollment figures. The annual estimates are the official estimates for Connecticut and are the basis for calculating annual population rates.
  • Source
    Connecticut Department of Public Health
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