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Households With Children

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  • Description
    Households With Children reports a count and proportion of households by tenure and household type, given a presence or absence of own children under the age of 18.
  • Full Description
    This data breaks down the demographic of own children present or absent disaggregated by household type categorization and housing unit tenure. Data is presented as a number as well as the proportion (percent) of households in a given disaggregation out of the total number of households represented in this dataset. According to the US Census, 'own children' refers to never married children under 18 years who are sons or daughters by birth, stepchildren, or adopted children of the householder. This data originates from the American Community Survey, table B25115. Prior to ACS 2019, US Census used the terms *husband* and *wife* instead of *spouse*.
  • Source
    US Census
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