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HUSKY A Utilization

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  • Contributor
    Connecticut Voices for Children. Using a retrospective cohort design, Connecticut Voices for Children analyzed enrollment and encounter/claims data obtained from the Department of Social Services for state-funded HUSKY Program performance monitoring.
  • Description
    HUSKY Utilization reports the number and percentage of young children (ages 0-8) who had at least one claim for the selected type of service during the year in which they were continuously enrolled in the HUSKY A health insurance program, per subgroup.
  • Full Description
    HUSKY A (Medicaid) is Connecticut's public health coverage program, providing free health insurance to eligible individuals. In 2007, HUSKY A was a managed care program for medical and dental services. In 2010 and 2011, HUSKY A was a managed care program for medical services and an administered fee-for-service program for dental services. In 2012, both medical and dental services in HUSKY A were administered fee-for- service programs of the Department of Social Services. Continuously enrolled children were enrolled for the entire calendar year, from January 1 to December 31. The well-child service provides children with a comprehensive medical screening. Data describe claims submitted by providers for HUSKY A continuously enrolled participants who had well-child care, by age group. Connecticut Department of Social Services (DSS) collects the claims data for program administration; Connecticut Voices for Children analyzes the claims data for performance monitoring; and disseminates the annual data to local communities and other users for program planning and tracking progress toward program goals. Analysis of HUSKY Program enrollment and claims data was performed by Connecticut Voices for Children under a state-funded performance monitoring contract between the Connecticut Department of Social Services and the Hartford Foundation for Public Giving (contract
  • Source
    Department of Social Services provides HUSKY Program data to Connecticut Voices for Children for analysis
  • Suppression
    Towns with utilization counts with less than six enrolled children have their values suppressed so as to minimize the risk of revealing protected health information for individual children. These values are indicated with an *.