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Kindergarten Entrance Inventory Results

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  • Description
    Kindergarten Entrance Inventory Results reports the number and percentage of kindergarten students, per inventory domain skill level.
  • Full Description
    The inventory gathers information about the academic skill and behavior of kindergartners. Six domains of early childhood development are collected: language skills, literacy skills, numeracy skills, physical/motor skills, creative/aesthetic skills and personal/social skills. Performance in each domain is measured from levels 1 through 3, with level 3 indicating that the student requires minimal additional support. Scores are assigned based on teachers' observations. The inventory aggregates individual teacher observations of incoming kindergarteners across the six domains and combines the assigned scores into an unweighted quartile score. Connecticut State Department of Education collects scores annually, in the fall of each year. carries annual data. SDE stopped calculating a value for Connecticut as whole because some districts were granted a waiver in 2013-2014 to opt out. As such, the state value would be an under reported score.
  • Source
    Connecticut State Department of Education
  • Suppression
    Combinations resulting in counts of less than 20 students are suppressed and denoted with an '*' or a -9999 in the raw data view. Missing values have been denoted with -6666.