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Municipal Grand List

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  • Description
    Municipal Grand List reports indicators of the Equalized Net Grand List and related Mill Rates.
  • Full Description
    State Fiscal Years run from July 1 through the following June 30. Population estimates used to calculate Per Capita measures were derived using the Connecticut Department of Public Health estimates as of July 1 of the year ending the State Fiscal Year - ie. SFY 2012-2013 uses the population estimate for July 1, 2013. Grand List indicators are derived from October of the year preceding the State Fiscal Year - ie SFY 2012-2013 uses Grand List data from October 2011. Due to the required time and resources necessary for re-evalutaion, municipalities are evaluated for Grand List figures on a rolling basis. Equalized Net Grand List values are derived as a way of giving an equal ground for comparison to all municipalities, regardless of when that municipality is scheduled to be re-evaluated next. Equalized Mill Rates are calculated using the Equalized Net Grand List. Equalized Net Grand List figures are a measure of only the taxable real and personal property, i.e. the gross property estimate minus any tax exempt properties. Mill Rates are the amount of tax payable per $1000 of value for a given property. Mill Rates are presented as thousandths of a dollar, e.g. a Mill Rate of 1 means every $1000 of value would equal $1 of tax. These rates are calculated by taking the projected revenue from taxable property, dividing it by the total net worth of taxable property (Equalized Net Grand List) and multiplying by 1000.
  • Source
    Connecticut Office of Policy and Management, accessed via
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