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Substance Abuse Treatment Admissions

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  • Description
    Substance Abuse Treatment Admissions reports the number and rate of admissions to Substance Abuse programs.
  • Full Description
    The Connecticut Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services runs many programs providing services and support to those with Mental Health and/or Substance Abuse problems. This dataset reports the number of admissions for such Substance Abuse programs. Substance Abuse treatment admissions include admissions to both public and private programs. All data is for residents 18 and older. Data is available for each month, for each town, and for the state as a whole. The town data is taken from the client’s admission record that is recorded in the DMHAS data system. Admission values of zero indicate no admissions were reported.
  • Source
    Connecituct Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services, accessed via
  • Suppression
    Towns with less than 6 admissions are suppressed.