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Suspension Rate by Race

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  • Description
    Suspension Rate by Race reports the percentage of students who have recieved at least one sanction (ISS, OSS, EXP) during a school year, by race/ethnicity.
  • Full Description
    The ED166 is the Student Disciplinary Offense Data Collection. The CSDE uses this data to satisfy various federal mandates such as the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act, the No Child Left Behind: Unsafe School Choice Option, and Special Education Reporting. This dataset reports the percentage of unique, unduplicated students that have received at least one In-school Suspension (ISS), Out-of-school Suspension (OSS), or Expulsion (EXP) out of the total number of students enrolled in the Public School Information System (PSIS) as of October of the given year. This dataset is based on School Years. Charter Districts have been entered as individual districts.
  • Source
    Connecticut State Department of Education
  • Suppression
    Percentage values that correspond to observations of less than 5 have been suppressed.