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Associate's Degrees, 1-Year State Estimates - Archive

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Sasha Cuerda

Population 25 years and over.

Associate's Degrees reports the share of the population 25 years and older that has at least an Associate's degree, per race/ethnicity and gender.

Year;Measure Type;Race / Ethnicity;Gender;Variable

The data count adults 25 years and older whose highest level of schooling completed is at least an Associate's degree. This data originates from the American Community Survey (ACS) 5-Year estimates, table B15002. The ACS collects these data from a sample of households on a rolling monthly basis. ACS aggregates samples into one-, three-, or five-year periods. At this time only state-level annual data are available on Town-level data aggregated from the five-year datasets (considered to be more accurate for geographic areas that are the size of a county or smaller) can be produced using Census tables currently available on the Census website.



Corresponding number indicator.

All;Hispanic or Latino;White Non-Hispanic;Asian;Black or African American

American Community Survey

Associate's Degree