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Births by Maternal Behaviors - 5-Year Aggregations - Archive

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Jenna Daly

All;Low Birth Weight (under 2500 grams);Very Low Birth Weight (under 1500 grams)

Births by Maternal Behaviors - 5-Year Aggregations reports the 5-year average number and percentage of births in certain categories by maternal behavior characteristics (smoking status during pregnancy and initiation of prenatal care).


This dataset provides select birth outcomes (birthweight, gestational age) for Connecticut resident births along with select behavioral characteristics of the mother (smoking status during pregnancy and initiation of prenatal care). Low birth weight is less than 2500 grams, or about 5.5 pounds. Very low birth weight is less than 1500 grams, or about 3.3 pounds. A birth is premature if it occurs before the gestational age of 37 completed weeks. Smoking status during pregnancy is self-reported by the mother at time of delivery. Initiation of prenatal care refers to the trimester of pregnancy the mother was in when she was first counseled by a provider for that pregnancy. Late prenatal care is the initiation of prenatal care after the first trimester of pregnancy. Department of Public Health collects and publishes annual vital statistics reports ( and carries annual data, 3-year and 5-year averages. More dimensions can be found in the raw data such as birth pluralities. Alcohol use is no longer displayed on as it is rarely reported and not a reliable indicator.


All;37 weeks or more;Less than 37 weeks;Gestational age unknown

Not all combinations of filters are available simultaneously due to how we were provided the data. For example, you cannot filter by both smoking status and initiation of prenatal care. Possible filter combinations include: [Smoking, Birth Weight] or [Smoking, Gestational Age] or [Initiation of Prenatal Care, Birth Weight] or [Initiation of Prenatal Care, Gestational Age].

All;None;First Trimester;Second Trimester;Third Trimester;Unknown





Connecticut Department of Public Health

Combinations resulting in counts of less than 15 are suppressed. (Denoted with *)