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Children Living in Poverty - Archive

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Sasha Cuerda

Total population for whom poverty status is determined, under 18 years of age.

Children Living in Poverty reports the share of children living in poverty, per race/ethnicity.

Year;Race;Measure Type

The Census Bureau determines that a person is living in poverty when his or her total annual household income compared with the size and composition of the household is below the poverty threshold. The Census Bureau uses the federal government's official definition of poverty to determine the poverty threshold. Children are all persons under the age of 18 years. The American Community Survey (ACS) collects these data from a sample of households on a rolling monthly basis. ACS aggregates samples into one-, three-, or five-year periods. At this time only state-level annual data are available on Town-level data aggregated from the five-year datasets (considered to be more accurate for geographic areas that are the size of a county or smaller) can be produced using Census tables currently available on the Census website.



Children living in poverty per corresponding race/ethnicity group.

All;Hispanic or Latino;White Non-Hispanic;Asian;Black or African American

American Community Survey