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Educational Need

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Jenna Daly

Total number of students for selected district and school year.

Educational Need reports special services and accommodations provided to students by school districts.



This dataset provides counts and percentages of students in each district that are considered to have indicators of educational need. These indicators include being eligible for Free or Reduced Price Meals, receiving Special Education services, or are English Language Learners. This dataset also provides the total number of students for each district. Charter Districts have been entered as individual districts.


Special Education;English Language Learner;Eligible for Free or Reduced Price Lunch;Total Students Evaluated



Number of students with a given educational need.


Connecticut State Department of Education

Student Demographics

Observations of 5 or fewer students have been suppressed.

As of 2017, CTData has deprecated the previous data source ( and has replaced it with EdSight. These indicators come from the Public Student Enrollment data sets, filtered by Free/Reduced Price Meal Eligibility, Special Education Status, and English Learner Status.

Indicator of Educational Need