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English Language Learners

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Sasha Cuerda

Student enrollment per grade.

English Language Learners reports the number and percentage of English Language Learner (ELL) students, per grade.

Grade;Year;Variable;Measure Type


English language learners are students learning English as a second language and requiring modified instruction and/or additional language tutoring. ELL students are identified at school registration. All Connecticut public school students take the Home Language Survey at time of registration. If the Home Language Survey indicates a language other than English, the student is screened for ELL services. If the student qualifies, he or she receives ELL services and is assessed on an annual basis to determine progress. When the student meets the Connecticut English Mastery Standard, he or she exits the ELL program. Connecticut State Department of Education collects ELL enrollment for grades K through 12 on a school year basis. carries annual data for grades K through 3.




Corresponding number indicator.

Connecticut State Department of Education

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English Language Learners