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Non-working Parents

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Jenna Daly

Total children living with families.

Non-working Parents reports the percent of children living in families where no parent is in the labor force.


All;Living with One Parent;Living with Two Parents


Children are all persons under the age of 18 years, living in families, and related as children by birth, marriage, or adoption to the householder. For children living with one parent, the resident parent is not in the work force, for children living with two parents, both parents are not in the work force. Values include total children, total children per family type, and total children per family type with non-working parents. Rates per family type and per parental employment status are calculated as a percentage of total children within a given geography. These data originate from the American Community Survey (ACS) 5-Year estimates, table B23008. The ACS collects these data from a sample of households on a rolling monthly basis. ACS aggregates samples into one-, three-, or five-year periods.




Children living with families, per family type, per parental employment status.

All;Not in Work Force


US Census

Family Structure

These data present aggregates and proportions based on total values per family type and parental employment status. As such, the values are given with Margins of Error derived from the estimates and margins of error provided with the original ACS data.

Non-Working Parents;Margins of Error