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Population Projections by Town

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Jenna Daly

Total;0 to 4 years;5 to 9 years;10 to 14 years;15 to 19 years;20 to 24 years;25 to 29 years;30 to 34 years;35 to 39 years;40 to 44 years;45 to 49 years;50 to 54 years;55 to 59 years;60 to 64 years;65 to 69 years;70 to 74 years;75 to 79 years;80 to 84 years;85 years and Over

'Total Projected Population for a given geography' is used to calculate percentages for individual Gender and Age Cohort groups. 'Total Projected Population of the state' is used to calculate percentages for All Gender totals and total Age Cohorts.

Population Projections by Town reports the projected population of Connecticut, disaggregated by town, gender and age cohort, in 5-year intervals.



These projections are created based upon several datasets and while these estimates are developed based on multiple data sources, actual population changes may vary from these projections. These population projections have been developed based on state and locally derived fertility rates. The Connecticut State Data Center produces a separate projection for the State level and Town level, thus the towns do not add up to the state totals as the State totals are based on a different life table.





Projected Population disaggregated by Age Cohort and Gender


CT State Data Center


Projected Population