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Sanctions by Race

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Sasha Cuerda

Sanctions by Race reports the total number and type of educational sanctions for a given school district by race and ethnicity.

Race,Sanction Type,Measure Type,Variable


This dataset reports the total number of sanctions a given school district has placed given the Race and Ethnicity of the students that earned such sanctions. This is a count of individual sanctions, regardless of duplication of individual students. Sanctions include In-school Suspensions, Out-of-school Suspensions, and Expulsions.



Black or African American;Hispanic/Latino of any race;Two or More Races;American Indian or Alaska Native;White;Asian;Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander

In-school Suspensions;Out-of-school Suspensions;Expulsions

Connecticut State Department of Education

SDE Archive

Observations of less than 5 have been suppressed.